Side Business Ideas for Ladies 2021 - 2022

 Side Business Ideas for Ladies

Side Business Ideas for Ladies 2021 - 2022

Hey love looking for side business ideas for ladies, that are low cost but high profit well, I'm going to share with you my four best business ideas for women that are low cost which means they don't cost a ton of money to start but have a high-profit potential which means if you scale it you have the possibility of making a whole.

Now if you are looking for four business ideas for women that are low cost and high profit, grab your pen and paper, let's dive in.

So, business idea number one for women that are low cost and high profit is

T-Shirt Business

Print-on-Demand Business


They are an incredibly lucrative way to start an online business because you literally require zero dollars to start.


I know some people think, oh my gosh, if you're starting a t-shirt business, you have to order inventory, you have to get all your ink, you have to order a printer and a press and all the stuff. You actually don't, 


There's this system called print on demand and that means that you basically, hire a third-party company to print and ship your shirts for you, all you do is the design and the marketing they do the printing the shipping and the fulfillment and guess 


What you only pay them when you sell a shirt, so that is the beauty of having a print-on-demand t-shirt business, and you can get started for zero dollars.

It is very easy to do when you're doing print on demand what's more I'm not going to say difficult, 


But what takes more work is finding people to actually purchase your shirts so starting the t-shirt business will take you five minutes, 


But finding the people to purchase it now, that is going to require you to put in a little more effort, 

So I have these three-step systems that I use.

Identify  the problem that you solve with your t-shirts  

So make sure that your business is solving a specific problem even in the apparel industry people buy solutions to their problems, they're not just here looking for your shirt, right.


So as you're creating your t-shirt business, identify the problem that you're solving with your shirts.

Create an audience


People who have the problem that you solve with your shirts, this is my friend is where you actually build your audience online with a lot of people. 

When they're creating a business they forget that the audience is just as important as the product you know as new entrepreneurs, sometimes you spend way too much time building a product and barely any time building an audience you want to reverse that build the audience, 


So I recommend building your audience using email marketing because then you own your list you own the contact information of the people who told you they have this problem, and 


You are not subject to a social media algorithm, it is possible to build  your audience through on Instagram on Facebook on YouTube on Twitter on TikTok on Snapchat 


Wherever you want to build your audience is fine, but I highly recommend building your audience via email marketing because then again, you own your list, and you can contact them whenever you want to you don't have to worry about algorithm changes.


Now, once you know the problem you are solving with your shirt, and you have created an audience of people who have this problem.


Do your Marketing

Tell the people who have the problem that you solved it with your shirt, that is literally what marketing is. 

Finding the people who have the problem that you solve and put your solution in front of them, so with email marketing, it's as simple as doing an email blast or an email campaign or pre-launch sequence depending on how you want to do it.


Some people do webinars, some people just do um email blasts like whatever it is that you want to do, it's totally fine, but you need to tell your audience that you have solved their problem with your shirt.

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Virtual Coaching Business


Virtual Coaching Business

Where you meet up with somebody for either 30 minutes or an hour, or it could be four hours, eight hours depending on how you design your coaching services, 

and you meet up with them online via a zoom link or on the phone, and you help them solve a specific problem during that time, 

Now the reason I say virtual is that if you keep your coaching sessions as a virtual option, it wasn't going to cost you no money you don't have to pay for an office building you don't have to pay for a lease for that 

All you need basically is a zoom link, or you need your customer to have a phone number, and then you can call them, or you set up your own Google Voice number and have your customer call you.

If you don't want to give out your cell phone number, so many ways to do this, but it's very simple starting because you can literally start marketing your coaching services.

Today a lot of people think it's very difficult to start a coaching business because need to have all this technical savvy, I need to have this, I need to have that 

But to be honest with you, it's one of the simplest businesses to start, here's what you do need to have though you need to make sure you have a clear solution to a clear problem.

What I want you to keep in mind is that coaching is one of the most intimate ways that you can help your customer, it's you and them on the line together, there's no hiding.

So if you faked it, and you were  promoting a coaching service doing something that   you don't really know how to make your customers  going to figure it out in like 20 minutes flat, and

Then you're going to have a bad word of mouth, so I highly recommend only offering coaching sessions on things that you know you can actually do having a clear solution to a clear problem.

Now like I said getting started with the coaching  business online is very simple right   all you really need is a solution to a problem and  a zoom link or a Google voice number, and 

you can literally get started, here's what's hard just like  with the t-shirt business, it's finding the people to purchase your coaching session, 


so I'm going to  share with you the same 


Identify the solution right identify the problem, that you're solving with your coaching business, how are you actually solving it 


Identify the people who have the problem, and get them in your audience, I recommend that through an email list, but again you can do it on social media and then  


Do your marketing, tell the people who have the problem that you can solve their problem with your coaching services.


Comment down below to let me know if you're interested in starting a coaching business or a t-shirt business.


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E-book Business

E-book Business

What's an e-book, it's literally just a digital form of a printed book, right.

So if you would order a book online and get it shipped to your house instead of an e-book when you order it online you get the digital file on your computer that you can just download and read it right there on your computer 

So what's really cool about an e-book business is that it's 100% digital, So it's zero dollars of inventory zero dollars of printing and shipping the book and 

You can get started for zero dollars and here's what's even more awesome about an e-book business right once you have done the work upfront, 

So you've  created your solution you package it into an e-book you self-published it you've done the work upfront. 

Now you do the same amount of work to sell that book whether it's one sale or a hundred  thousand sales same amount of work because it is a digital e-book.

This is the epitome of passive income while I love coaching services and I admire coaches so much I wish I could offer coaching services, but I'm just too much of an introvert.

So I can't do it anymore, but I admire coaches so much because you get to help somebody to one the thing is you still have to trade your time right, 

So somebody pays for a coaching service to you, you have to show up and help them get  the solution to that problem for that a time that they paid, 

So it's not passive income, it's active income in e-book, however, you can put the same solution that you would have put in your coaching service into an e-book format and 

Now when somebody purchases it, they download the e-book they go through the e-book they take action on the steps on their own while you're on vacation while being Are you sleeping while you are over there cooking dinner like it's completely passive income because it's a digital product, so that's why e-books are one of  my favourite ways of actually having an online  business it just takes a little more time than a coaching business or a t-shirt business  because you do have to do the work in advance to be able to write the actual book edit it and self-publish it as an e-book. 



Online Course Business

Online Course Business


Online course business model because just like e-books, once you do the work upfront you're done now.


If one person purchases or a hundred thousand people purchase it's the same amount of work for you on the back end you ain't gotta do anything else because they are downloading the course they are going through it on their own time and 


You are doing your marketing and that's what you're focused on if you're wondering what an online course is It's literally just a class that you teach online except it's pre-recorded, and it's located, 100% online it's literally an mp4 file that somebody can either view or download on their computer, and they just double-click, and they watch it, and you can do the work upfront  pre-recording yourself editing the videos publishing them however you want your course to be formatted and now when somebody purchases they automatically get access to that. 


When it comes to creating online courses the sky is the limit, but a lot of people think that it's  too difficult to start an online course because of all the tech involved or oh my gosh, I have to learn to edit I have to learn this, and I have to learn that that's actually not true you could  literally create an online course for zero dollars with no editing get it up there all you need to do is make sure that your course is a clear solution to a clear problem case in point my t-shirt.


Above are the best four side business ideas for ladies

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