What is Print on demand business | Can i do in this 2021 Covid Situation

 Print On Demand

What is Print-on-demand

In this blog we are going to see what is print on demand business, is going to work in 2021 in this covid situation let see.

What is Print on Demand?

Print-on-demand is a business model which allows entrepreneurs to utilize the services of a seller to create customized merchandise such as 

  • T-shirts
  • Mugs
  • Blankets
  • Caps
  • Calendars
  • and more

Sell them online besides a Pod business works along the lines of a drop-shipping business where the supplier takes charge of the rest of the process from printing to delivery this means you don't need to worry about inventory or any overhead costs thanks to the e-commerce growth brought about by the Covid-19 Printful a drop shipping company saw an 80% increase in their business with this rapid progress of the print-on-demand t-shirt industry research indicates the business will likely cross 10 billion dollars five years down.

How can you start a Print-on-demand business online?

How can you Start
How can u start

Step onechoose your niche as with every business first and foremost you need to finalize a niche you can choose anything you like or go with what's trending you can even research to find out what people prefer or would attract more customers some ideas can be sports pets lifestyle memes body positivity workout gear etc whatever niche you select ensure that it's specific enough for your target audience but can also attract a wider customer base once you've narrowed down your choice, it's time to put your ideas on google and other search engines to find your niche's scope you can even use social media platforms such as Reddit, Facebook and Instagram, and search-related hashtags if your research isn't fruitful meaning there is no one interested in buying your designs then it's useless to build your t-shirt business around it try looking for topics that are frequently talked about and discussed on these forums the more popular an idea is the more chances your print-on-demand business being successful. 

step 2: get your designs ready now it's time for you to start creating designs print on demand depends on design creation that will be eventually printed on the final product hence people who are innovative or work as creative professionals have a slight edge over those entrepreneurs that don't if you feel you don't have the required expertise you can outsource your designs from Fiverr or Upwork at an economical price.

step 3: select your print seller now you need to look for a seller that can turn your vision into reality remember to choose wisely as your seller will serve as your business partner perhaps not the conventional union where you share the risk and reward still a partner in a sense the seller you pick will play a crucial role in your business growth as you both have to frequently communicate regarding orders, packaging,  shipping,  returns, and other business stuff so you must do your homework before you decide which supplier you want to end up with for this you can see online reviews and use social media platforms to interact with other pod sellers and take their opinion. 

step 4: choose a platform to host your website once you finalize the nitty-gritty you need to select a site hosting platform some popular ones are WordPress, Etsy, Shopify and bigcommerce these allow you to personalize your website with various themes and plugins to get you going with your print-on-demand business in no time. moreover, Shopify is one place that connects you with numerous pod suppliers we will now discuss these are amazing print on demand sites where you can start without paying a penny in fact they only ask you to pay product and shipping costs, once your customer places an order, isn't that amazing.

Some of the Platform to Host

Some of the platform to host Print-on-demand
Some of the Platforms to Host


Printful is a notable print on demand company that offers a wide range of catalogs whether you want your t-shirts to have embroidery,  sublimation printing,  dtg or cut and show printing, you can do it with printful besides the website's mockup generator enables you to start selling right away besides it is integrated with most e-commerce platforms and you can order samples at a twenty percent cut price. here is a link to create a Printful Store

Custom cat

custom cat has one of the largest catalogs of products with a rather simple design tool the sellers provide 3d die diffusion sublimation printing and embroidery you can join the platform with a monthly fee of thirty dollars and enjoy a discount on over 550 products. Here is a link to create a Custom Cat account.


Printify provides you access to a global network of printing partners so not only does it means you have more variety of products for quicker shipping you can even choose your printer depending on the country in which you want to sell printing options include embroidery cut and sew directly to garment and sublimation printing moreover upgrading to their premium plan you can avail 20% discount on every order if you want to find out what print on demand trends are in store for 2021 make sure to stick around till the end. Here is a link to create a Printify Store

How to Create a Design

You can either create designs with the integrated mock-up generators if you availing of Shopify or Etsy else there are a few free alternatives out there if you don't want to purchase pricey image editors. 


This is a free online mockup generator this website allows you to choose hundreds of designs and templates and create your own version.


Printful offers ease of product designing for businesses with its own mockup generator with many free designs you can use the tool directly on their site and create good quality print files for your online store.


This is basically a photoshop replica the app's interface and tools are very similar to that you find on photoshop you have the option to use it on their website or download the app on your windows or mac Photop allows editing images photos and creating designs for your t-shirts.

so you guys have been waiting for the new print on demand trends in 2021 as the pandemic continues to shape our lives in 2021, not only businesses but even more consumers prefer shopping safely sitting at home as you would expect competition is staggering and if you want to keep up you need to follow the trends to stay in the game.


Few Trends

Go green

Being environmentally friendly is the need of the hour with more and more people becoming environmentally aware going green is certainly the 2021 trend find out how you and your business can contribute and make a difference perhaps making products locally or selecting a supplier that uses eco-friendly printers like Printful.

Get an edge 

Over your competitors, with the ease of e-commerce, it's no surprise to see businesses starting up overnight but how do you take the edge over competitors well make sure to regularly update your website and products to become innovative and bring new ideas to target a wider audience see if a supplier can ship to other countries as we discussed you can use printfy for this trend.

Offer product customization

According to surveys one in every five customers can pay up to twenty percent more for a personalized product the reason is custom-made products are more often than not given as gifts that's why customers feel more emotionally involved with exclusive products you can invite your customers to throw-in ideas and take part in the product creation process this is a great way to generate sales and also know what your consumers are looking for.

So do you think this business model is for you let us know in the comment section, If you have any Suggestions or Questions feel free to comment, Take care

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