Best Social Media Marketing Tips You Will Read This Year 2021

 Best Social Media Marketing Tips You Will Read This Year 2021

Social Media Marketing

In this article, we will see the Best Social Media Marketing Tips "Nobody told you before" and the cheapest and responsive way. After reading this article, you may get another angle on digital marketing.

My clients get happy when I suggest this way of Social Media Marketing. In this article, we will discuss only one tip or way to do Social media marketing that is more than enough to do successful Digital Marketing. Before we get into the topic, let's glance at some of the Platforms to do Social Media Marketing.

    Platforms to do Social Media Marketing

    Google Advertising
    Google ads

    Youtube Advertising
    YouTube ads

    Facebook Ads
    Facebook ads

    Twitter ads
    Twitter ads

    Instagram Ads
    Instagram ads

    Above mentioned platforms are the best platforms to do Social Media Marketing which most of us are aware of. But some of them don't know about the advertising cost to do marketing on these platforms. It involves more cost. But actually, this is not our topic of discussion, so let get into the case.

    Before advertising on social media platforms, you need to do some research on the topics mentioned in the image attached below.

    Social Media Marketing needs

    In this article, I don't recommend this much research to do digital marketing. 

    Social Media Marketing Tips

    We are going to see only one tip to do social media marketing. What is that?

    "Indirect Advertising"

    Nowadays people are much aware of advertising so don't do direct advertising and spend more and more money on Direct Advertising. It's so hard to take results from Direct Advertising.

    What is Direct Advertising?

    We all know about direct advertising. We usually give the ad, and it will be published on a social media platform. You need to pay for publishing ads to that social media platform.

    Direct advertising

    Why this is Direct Advertising

    They will post our Advertisement on the Advertisement space on their platform. So People who are seeing the ad will be known this particular ad is a paid ad. In this era, this won't be that effective. In other words, we have a better way.

    What is Indirect Advertising?

    Indirect Marketing

    This image shows, an advertisement you can directly give to social media websites, pages, channels, or group owners

    Why this is Indirect Advertising

    This is Indirect Advertising because the social media website or page or channel or group owners place the ads inside the content in some causes they made content for your product. So people look at it not as advertising, but as content.

    How to do Indirect Advertising

    Direct Advertising is very easy 

    • Browse for any Ads platform such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads.
    • Give Ads
    • Make our budget.

    It's all the work of ads is done, they place your ads in any forum or site or page and you get conversions...

    But indirect advertising is not that easy, we want to spend some time, but the value of time that we spend. Come, let see the steps to do indirect marketing.

    Step 1: Selection of Social Platform

    That's the main thing you want to think about before you begin marketing, whether it's YouTube or Facebook or website or Instagram or whatever. Whether it depends on the product niche and where you are going to market the product and what social platforms they use most if it may be a local WhatsApp group or a community group.

    Step 2: After selecting the social platform next is the Selection of group 

    You have chosen the platform in which you are going to advertise, on that, You need to decide who will promote your product for that, you need to analyze the person and platform, Some points to check out.

    • How many followers they have
    • How long they in this field?
    • How many reputations this platform have in public.
    • How many views the platform gets per day.

    Step 3: After Selection Process next is Approaching

    The approach is easy to process because everyone needs money. You're going to offer them money. This is lower than an advertising platform fee, but to the point of the Advertiser, they have a little more than those advertising platforms, Steps to approach.

    • Search for contact information (this is not a big problem otherwise you can use free tools such as Email Hunter)
    • Draft a Mail and approach them (in the draft mention the amount)
    • They surely come back because you're going to give money right.

    Above these are simple three steps to do Indirect Advertising.

    Advantages of Indirect Advertising

    • People don't know it's an advertisement.
    • The cost is lower than an alternative method of promotion.
    • Reaches the audience more quickly.
    • The conversion rate is larger.
    • These kinds of ads will give people confidence in the product.

    Cost of Indirect Advertising

    We can't predict that, because it depends on the product and the advertiser, the advertiser has its own face value depends on that, they charge the amount. 

    But I can tell you one thing, certainly reduces your advertising costs by up to 40% to 60%. And increases the conversion rate from 10% to 30%.


    So whether you're in the digital marketing business or Manufacturing Business or any business. (We have so many types of business in the market, but one thing each business needs marketing). I think that perhaps you know this method if not try this method it will surely help you.

    If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to comment. If you like my effort, please share this article.

    Take Care... Make your life happy and healthy.

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