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Shopify Pros & Cons

If you're starting your own print-on-demand and dropshipping business chances are you might have read about Shopify but do you know what makes it so successful, what type of businesses work, and Shopify worth it in 2021.

This Blog will answer and clear all your doubts about Shopify so let's dig into it before we get into the details let's find out. What Shopify is and how does it work?

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What is Shopify

Shopify is an online platform that allows you to build your own store from scratch and start selling right away in addition to creating a website you can even sell to your customers in person with the Shopify POS feature isn't that great what's more it allows you to customize your store as per your liking and has many features to cater to beginners and experts alike.


Shopify Pricing

If you want to try it before investing in a long-term plan you can use the free 14-day trial to set up a store and check out the built-in free apps, Newbies can even start with the Shopify light plan that costs around 9$ a month however most store owners prefer the basic plan for a monthly 29$ if you're an e-commerce expert you can even try Shopify standard advance or plus according to your business needs.

What makes Shopify so successful

Well Shopify comes with its set of downsides just like any platform but it has done wonders for many businesses this online platform has seen massive growth since the boom of the e-commerce industry in the past few years and the pandemic further helped it expand its online presence besides Shopify stands in second place with a market share of 18% and has a market cap of 152.47 billion dollars as of May 2021. so why is Shopify so successful. 

What makes it better than other e-commerce platforms

Ease of setup

One of the best features of Shopify is the hassle-free setup, So whether you're a beginner or a pro you can easily build your store thanks to the user-friendly interface on the other hand if you start with other websites such as WordPress not only do you need to pay for developmental costs you need to have knowledge about setting it up.

Platform support

Shopify provides a lot of support to its users it has a blog where you can find business tactics shared by experts and you can enroll in Shopify compass which is a free course and gives you answers and advice about all your business queries, moreover customer support is available 24/7 who are happy to help you through chat email or phone to ensure that your website is running smoothly at all times number. 

Free customization

If you're creating your online store on WordPress or other platforms you will need to buy themes and other features to design it to your liking however Shopify gives you the freedom to access hundreds of customizable themes and apps to easily add functions and features you like and create a beautiful e-store that speaks for your brand you can play with the font images color schemes and a lot of other features to create a unique website.

The famous brands that use Shopify In 2021

Tesla, tesla tops our list for its staggering 644 billion dollar market value the brand sells car accessories chargers, and apparel through its Shopify store, 

Sephora the cosmetic chain ranks as the second biggest company to retail on Shopify with a market value of 331 billion dollars, 

Nestle has a market cap of 314 billion dollars the the brand came up with a Shopify store idea to persuade its customers to switch from regular coffee to instant coffee drinks, 

PepsiCo during the pandemic Pepsi widen its online presence so that consumers can order their favorite beverage products sitting at home it has a market value of 192.6 billion dollars and generated 70.4 billion dollar revenue in 2020,

Anheuser-Busch you will also find this Belgian beer company on Shopify the world's biggest beer brewer has a market cap of 106.2 billion dollars as of 2021.

What types of Business work on Shopify

Digital products

Digital products are unique and some of the best-earning businesses on Shopify in fact, a couple have been making six hundred thousand dollars annually by selling digital products on Shopify also digital products can be anything intangible whether it's an online course pdf ebooks apps or plugins since the pandemic paved the way for e-learning digital products are expected to earn over 325 billion dollars by 2025.

Selling physical products

Selling physical products or drop shipping, Shopify is a great place for selling your physical products or you can start dropshipping every year drop shippers make around 100000$ with their Shopify store the good news is anyone can start drop-shipping because it is convenient requires no skill or experience has low investment costs.

Print on demand

print on-demand is another drop-shipping model that is profitable on Shopify in fact you can earn a month of 5k$ through your Shopify store beside you can create your own designs with Shopify's integrated free apps and mock-up templates.

Shopify Alternatives

Shopify Alternatives
Shopify Alternatives


Wix, it has a user-friendly interface with customizable themes that allow full user control to free the domain name and are cheaper than Shopify for an advanced subscription at 24$ per month.


Big-commerce provides hundreds of built-in features hassle-free and allows you to promote your product on the internet and even costs less than Shopify.

lemon stand

The lemon stand is a highly customizable and versatile platform with no extra transaction fee however learning to use the platform can take a while and it only allows a limited number of orders each month.

woo commerce

Woo-commerce this platform is free and has a great interface and offers a yearly subscription however, it's a little hard to scale and needs you to buy extensions to build a good-looking website.



Shopify is an ideal place to start your e-commerce journey with minimal configuration whether you sell just a handful of physical goods or an array of digital products and are looking for an intuitive user-friendly platform Shopify fits the bill not only does it provide you with the perfect solution at a bare minimum cost but it also has ample features to help you design your brand as you like.

That's it for today if you have any questions or suggestions feel free to comment.

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