Things You Must Do Before Starting a Business

 Before Starting a Business

Before start a business
Before Start a Business

You are going to start a new Business, Don't start a business without studying this article, Because in this article we going to see about the Major thing, we want to do some research on that before starting a new business. let get into the topic.

    Skill or Money Based Business

    skill or money
    Skill or Money

    You want to know, what is the skill-based or money-based business are, this is the right place for you and what is the use of this why we want to know this, before starting the new business we want to know about the business clearly, like what all are skills need for this business.

    "Every Businessman Need Administration Skill to Run a Successful Business"

    What is the use


    If our business is skill-based we want to hire some skilled labor related to our business.

    If we start a Money-based business with only skills or a Skill-based business with only money, both are don't going to work.

    So before we start a business we must do some research on this

    Skill Based Businesses

    Skill Based

    Pharmacy shop

    Mechanical shop




    Beauty Parlor




    Tailoring shop

    and More...

    these are some of the skill-based businesses, if you are going to start a business like this just hire some skilled person related to your business. for example if you want to start a pharmacy business you want a license, basically a pharmacy license is approved to the person who is qualified by B.pharm or D.pharm, so we want to hire B.pharm or D.pharm qualified people for our pharmacy and get license behalf of his name simple.

    Note: Don't depend on the person who you are hired. hired a person who is loyal to you or your company, that will much better. 

    Money Based Businesses

    Money Based
    Distributor Business

    Retail Business

    Export and Import

    Contract Business

    Franchisee Business

    Delivery Partner Business

    Share Market

    Bitcoin Mining

    and more...

    above these are some of the Money based businesses we want money and a small amount of knowledge about the business more than enough to start this type of businesses.

    If you have any suggestions or questions feel free to comment to me...

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