Can we Earn Money in Affiliate Marketing | Read this Article

Can we Earn Money in Affiliate Marketing Read this Article 

No Affiliate
No Affiliate

You are going to start affiliate marketing wait take 5 mins to read this article and start, in recent years YouTube or blog anywhere trending topics are Amazon affiliate, Passive income, Part-time income, without any investment you can earn money, anyone can make money,  OMG, first of all, we all want to understand one thing

"Good Money is not Easy Money
Easy Money is not The Good Money..."
-Prateek Mittal

Ok come let get into the topic, Affiliate Marketing, don't waste time or money without getting knowledge about affiliate marketing.

    What is Affiliate Marketing 

    what is affiliate

    First, we want to know about what is affiliate marketing, Affiliate marketing is a referral program which means, if I am into a new car sale business I refer the car accessories shop to my customer, for that referral I get some benefit from customers or that shop owner. Understand the cause first for a new car sales owner what is the primary source of income or profit, the new car sales commission is the primary income for that new car sales company and then referral commission is a secondary or side income.

    For a company all incomes are important but the primary income more important than other income, that will helps you to grow your business.

    Perfect Fit for Affiliate Marketing 

    pefect fit
    Perfect fit

    Who all are the perfect fit for Affiliate Marketing?

    Who can do affiliate marketing easily?

    Those people who have a group of people, that is, they want some group of followers or some group of Subscribers or a group of fans. 

    Why we want a group of people, then only we can easily refer a product and make some sales.






    and More...

    Above those are some of them who can easily do this affiliate marketing. They all have a group of people as followers or subscribers or Fans.

    Earnings in Affiliate Marketing 


    If I am a YouTuber or blogger how much I can earn. 

    That depends upon the Niche and product you choose for affiliate programs. we can approximately calculate the affiliate income for youtube.

    For Example, You have Tech youtube with 1M subscribers, 

    you make a video for Samsung Galaxy M31 it costs around 15000rs and you get the affiliate link from amazon affiliates. Amazon Affiliate commission for mobile is 5%. Now, what is the conversion rate, you upload the video and video views are 1M that's fine basically affiliate conversion for the technology niche is 0.5% to 1% but now in this high competition that reduces from 0.01% to 0.1%.


    Mobile cost:   15000 

    Amazon Commission (5%) : 750

    For Per phone, he get 750

    Video Views : 10,00,000

    Conversion rate (0.02%) : 200

    200X 750 : 1,50,000

    so they get 1,50,000 for one affiliate program sounds good but not an easy thing 1M subscribers is also not an easy thing we want to work hard for that.

    if you are into any kind of youtube or blog or you have any customer base Do affiliate marketing you can earn from affiliate one thing don't make content for affiliate programs make content for your follower's needs and add on some affiliate programs on that content.

    Don't have Customer Base

    I dont have
    Don't Have

    If you don't have a customer base no problem, you also do affiliate marketing but you want to work hard for conversion it is very hard.

    You want to buy a Genuine Email database for each Affiliate program.

    Promote your Affiliate product With the help of google ads and classified sites ads.

    You want to spend some amount otherwise there is no chance to convert don't waste time just making a demo video on youtube, and go to any forum and paste your affiliate link that is not going to work.

    The better thing is to try to create your own customer base for an exclusive niche.

    Finally, don't waste time work hard and make some smart work to be a successful businessman.

    Wear a Mask and Sanitize your hands regularly. 

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